Fresno Newborn Photographer: What to expect at your Fresh 48 or in home Newborn Session

What exactly is going to happen at my Fresh 48 or Newborn session???

Fresno Newborn Photography

At a Fresh 48 session

I prefer to use natural light so I will head over as soon as there is light available and you're feeling a little stable. 

A Fresh 48 is different from a “posed” newborn session with props. I like to look for natural light and capture the newness of baby: Sweet wrinkly feet, tender kisses, hospital blankets/hats....and all that encompasses that first day experience. These sessions feature lots of snuggles and swaddles. You can expect the session to last between 30-60 minutes depending on the hospital schedule and of course your baby. Some of your photos may be in black and white, but it depends on the lighting situation at the hospital. 

To prepare for our hospital session, you won't have to do much- just be yourself. I know mama, that you have just been through one of the biggest experiences of your life and you may not be feeling your best or most beautiful. But I promise that in 2 months, 9 months, 2 years, or 9 years, you will be so happy you are in the picture with your new little one. And, in 20 years, that little one will be so happy to see you in the picture and see how much you loved them at just a few hours old. 

fresno newborn photography

At an in home Newborn Session

When I first arrive, I will scope out your home for areas with the best light and the most picture friendly colors. I primarily shoot newborn lifestyle images in the nursery, master bedroom and living room however it’s more about finding the rooms with the best light.

The baby will typically determine the flow of the session. If he is hungry when I arrive, then I will start with some feeding and changing shots. If he’s sleeping soundly in the crib (woot woot!) then I’ll start with some crib and nursery shots. There is no set schedule or plan; as a parent myself, I’ve learned to adapt.

Although this is lifestyle session, I do offer some guidance for posing to get the ball rolling and help clients settle in.

I will make use of your home, your décor, your furniture, etc… I may need to move some things around or take a frame off the wall; I promise to move everything back. It’s really about getting THE shot and avoiding distractions in the images.

fresno newborn photographer

Each baby is different. I may rock, or sway with your baby, rub his eyebrows, use a white noise machine, etc. I want to make sure the energy in the room is always relaxed and calm, with lots of trust. They will occasionally cry- please know that this never bothers me and I expect it. It’s hard figuring out a body when you just got one a short time ago! I will use a variety of soothing techniques to make your baby feel safe, secure and warm. Baby will never be placed in an unsafe position and newborn safety is my top priority.

I have a very hands on approach to newborns and I am very comfortable handling them. I have three young children myself! This session is supposed to be a special experience for you and I don't want you stressed if the baby starts to cry. We have plenty of time allowed for your session. If we need to take a break to feed, walk, rock, etc. we can do that. 

Ultimately, I want you to enjoy this experience as much as I enjoy capturing it. Let me give you the gift of being in the moment with each other, and show you what that love looks like for your family.