Family photos: Mother, son session

Gina found me through the Neighborhood app when I posted there about blossom sessions. I had so much fun meeting her and her son and getting to know them a little bit. They're a sweet mother, son team and just seemed to click together. Her son is right on the edge of growing into that young man instead of a boy and I'm so glad I got to document them before they move into the next stage of teenage-dom.

Fresno Family Photos: Sister, Sister

I had the pleasure of photographing Maria Luisa's family for holiday pictures and when she asked me to take some pictures of her and her sisters for a gift to their parents, I couldn't wait! I had been taking a lot of photos of children, so switching to grown ups who were able to listen and follow directions without me needing to talk silly or make funny noises was a fun change.

Children's Photos: Blossom photos with S

Miss S was a dream to work with! She easily did what ever I asked, no problem and had a happy smile on her face the whole time. I loved her fringed boots and we tried to see if we could get a pic with her spinning and the fringe flying out. I think we nailed it!