Fresno Mini Photos: Splash Pad

A couple weeks ago, I hosted some Splash Pad minis. I had a set of cousins I chased all around the splash pad and playground at Todd Beamer Park. I love capturing kids in their element and a splash pad and playground is about as "kid element" as it gets. This time is so fleeting! I love being able to freeze this time for parents, and I hope when they look back on these images, they remember the sound of their kid's squeals and shouts of joy while running around having fun. 

Children's Photos: Blossom photos with S

Miss S was a dream to work with! She easily did what ever I asked, no problem and had a happy smile on her face the whole time. I loved her fringed boots and we tried to see if we could get a pic with her spinning and the fringe flying out. I think we nailed it!