Photography for photography's sake

Sometimes when I'm waiting to start a family photo session, or when I'm just location scouting around Fresno, I like to take pictures just for picture taking sake. If I'm location scouting, there's probably a bunch of images of my children exploring the area because I'm sure they're with me too. If I'm waiting for a client, it's probably me messing around with my settings, trying out different lights, getting close, getting far way. I tend to like the details best. Taking the detail shots forces me to slow down a bit and helps me calm down. I have to breathe deep and hold it to reduce camera shake. I can take my time finding the light and angle I like best, figuring out what I want my focal point to rest on, adjusting settings, creating an image just for me. 

Fresno Family Photos: Sister, Sister

I had the pleasure of photographing Maria Luisa's family for holiday pictures and when she asked me to take some pictures of her and her sisters for a gift to their parents, I couldn't wait! I had been taking a lot of photos of children, so switching to grown ups who were able to listen and follow directions without me needing to talk silly or make funny noises was a fun change.