Children's Photos: At the Ranch

I grew up going to visit my great grandma at her ranch for all the major holidays and occasionally in between. My great grandma passed away the summer I finished up college so I had my Mamo in my life for a good long time.

We got to go up and help my mom and aunt clean up Mamo's house and I got to see my kids run all wild and free out there and realize that I'm sad they won't have that place be a part of their childhood. I loved all of the old things you could find in the house and barn. I remember complaining about being bored, but I also remember wandering around the fields, playing in the creek, pulling out all of the old toys in the window seats. Being bored is good for kids, it makes them use their imagination. I'm sad they won't get to remember this place, but I'm glad I got to see them play and explore there for a little while. 

While we were there, my aunt found my great grandpa's camera kit. It was a huge bag stuffed full with an old camera, multiple lenses, various accessories and a bunch of old slide film. So fun!